A Story of Psoriasis, and How to Keep Your Plumbing Humming with a Liver/Gallbladder Flush

Everyone accepts that our cars need an oil change every once in a while.

Even if you extend the suggested mileage on the sticker they kindly place on your windshield to “remind” you when to visit them next, you will find yourself at a Jiffy Lube type establishment at least twice a year.

While I can change a tire, check the oil and tire pressures, changing the oil is not my life’s calling this time around.

So I happily plunk down the $39.99 (which usually includes a coupon) to keep our car’s plumbing humming.

What is the Human Equivalent of an Oil Change?

The Amazing Liver/Gall Bladder Flush.

If these words could be animated in power point fashion, they would dance around the page, sparkle and shine and have trumpets playing to mark the importance of their entrance.

I’ve spent a few thousands of hours researching things that pertain to human health. Note I am not a doctor or clinician and none of the following information should be used as or in the place of medical advice.

I am a holistic nutritionist, epidemiologist, and avid life researcher, so naturally I’ve guinea pigged myself, my family and friends to a variety of experiments to observe the wonderful myriad of facets that contribute to this thing called “Health”. Holistically speaking it encompasses our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well being. But I’ll tell you something you probably already know. It is a little bit difficult to quiet the mind for a meditation (or really to focus on anything) when your head feels like it is on fire, and a gnome is pounding a nail into the top of your skull.

Let me explain.

One month after moving to California I suddenly experienced the most dreadful symptoms of psoriasis on the back and top of my head. A combination of weeping open wounds and scaly skin that would flake with such intensity that it looked like my shoulders and back had just received a fine dusting of “snow” when I itched my head, which was often. Worst of all though was not that fiery feeling of the wounds, but a little “hole” right at the top of my head which I liken to the constant piercing pounding of a sharp nail.


Interestingly enough I was doing a lot of holistic research about cancer at the time. While there are many holistic cancer treatment options, the one common thread that kept coming up was the LIVER.

There is a reason that the LIVER is the only organ that has the word LIVE in it!

As a biologist of course I knew about the liver, and yet little did I KNOW about the liver. Changing this void in my medical knowledge changed my life.

How much could I tell you about this marvelous organ? A LOT.

Would you like to hear it all? Call me for a session or come to one of my Liver Classes which will be launching shortly, here locally in San Diego.

But what does all this have to do with Human Oil Changes?

Imagine this.

The liver has many functions, one of which acts a little bit like your car’s oil filter. If it gets gunked up, all LIVER functions slow down. If you don’t heed the early warning signals, your body, just like your car can literally “burn” up. Though that burning is not actual flames, but “inFLAMEation” (inflammation), which is underlying in almost EVERY disease. Why is this not well known? There are many reasons, one of which being that the liver function test results you receive at your doctors office are not accurate pictures of liver health. When your liver enzymes are “high” your liver is very very sick.

When the liver functions slows down, the body has to make some choices in priority like:

  • Do I shut down the entire body in 5 minutes because of a toxic overload


  • Call for back up from other organs like: the skin to help eliminate some of the toxin ( symptom: Psoriasis), or shunt the toxins/metabolic waste elsewhere to deal with later. Over taxing your liver over time creates the precursor for any number of autoimmune diseases, cancer, inflammation, liver disease, gut disease, but even infectious diseases like the influenza etc. etc.

Usually, and thankfully, the body chooses #2.

While it may be highly annoying to deal with the symptoms of Psoriasis, IBS, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis, oh and cancer, all of these diseases buy us TIME to CORRECT something. By changing our lifestyle, what we put in our body, or helping the body eliminate the backlog of gunk (which is the non-scientific work for toxins and metabolites), but most powerfully a combination of all of the above. Instead of seeing diseases like some monster that is out to attack you, disease is your bodies best way of dealing with the cards you dealt it. It is a gentle, or not so gentle reminder to correct “something”.

That “something” is of course a combination of body-mind-spirit stuff, but this brings us back to the initial idea:

“It is a little bit difficult to quiet the mind for a meditation (or really to focus on anything) when your head feels like it is on fire, and a gnome is pounding a nail into the top of your skull.”

While there are many ways to physically support your liver health, the two that have had the most profound impact on my lifeĀ  are:

  1. Daily Coffee Enemas
  2. The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush

Note that this blog will not attempt to convince or guide you through either of these protocols. Why? There is more to it than what I could sum up in one blog. In fact, it would be wreckless to try to do it in one blog as there are “dangers” and counter indications that could send you to the ER. I don’t suggest that you ask google to find you a page to give you a page of instructions. Really, truly, you could read the entire Liver and Gall bladder book by Andreas Moritz, and Dr. Wilson’s Coffee Enema blogs, but most people don’t have the interest or time.

Just like I don’t choose to “do” my own oil change, you may not “choose” to become a liver/detox expert.

And yet, I will say that if you are ready to experience a complete body re-set, to address the physical source and not the symptoms of your diseases, if you are willing to treat your body at least as well as you treat your car, please consider working with someone to facilitate these two above mentioned LIVER cleansing protocols.

How much will this cost you?

It the beginning, monthly flushes remove the intrahepatic liver stones that blocking bile flow and other functions, but eventually the “maintenance” schedule is just like your car about every 6 months, unless you have had an acute toxic exposure (amalgam fillings, occupational exposure etc) or a lot of stress in your life.

How much will this Human Oil Change cost you?

Liver Flush Supplies:

Malic Acid (1lb Food Grade will last you until you depart from Mother Earth)


Epsom Salt (3 lbs ) Will last you years of liver flushes


Quality Organic Olive Oil Will last for approx 6 months of Liver Flushes


Organic Grapefruit/Lemon


Colonic/Enema Accessories

(There is a way to use just an enema bottle to clear the intestines so its a $5-10 investment per year)

$5-120 Depending on how you choose to rinse your colon before and after the Liver Flush


Total Price: $40

Of course this does not include the price of the Liver Flush book (if you choose to do this alone) or the cost of working with a professional experienced in these protocols, but let me leave you with this lovely quote by organic farmer Joel Salatin:


Oh and my Psoriasis? Its about 95% healed. No products, pills, oils, prescriptions or dermatological office visits!

Try explaining that to a Harvard-trained Dermatologist who tells you that the origin or psoriasis is unknown, and who is convinced that there is no cure. Hmmmm.

No more nail pounding, weeping wounds or snowy scaled shoulders. What about the other 5%? There is some lingering chronic mercury poisoning from decades of dental amalgams that I’m working on ushering out of the body. The remaining 5% little spot on the back of my head reminds me that my liver is still releasing these toxins, and I’m totally ok with this.

Health is a Journey not a Destination.


Be Well,

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