We’ve strayed away from milk products, not so much to ride the vegan-wave, but because milk just ain’t what it used to be. It has become a processed food, yes even the “organic, pasture raised” brands. Pasteurization and milk fat removal not to mention the containers and plastics that dairy products are sold in…. You get the idea.

If I had a cow/sheep/goat, I would consider milking her sustainably, that is, if she was ok with it.

That said, milk has a very nurturing effect and affect on us, and there are certain days when I have a calling for a warm cup of milk. (Especially in the winter).

While we use a lot of coconut milk in recipes and baked goods, I don’t usually like drinking it straight.

That is why we make fresh almond or almond/cashew milk every other day, which we use in oatmeal, pancake and vegan ¬†nacho “cheese”. (which is a lot more delicious than it sounds).

Fresh almond milk is not only much healthier (no carragean etc.), but yummier, more environmentally friendly (no packaging) and more cost effective than any store bought variety, and making it takes about 5 minutes!

Here is our almond (almond/cashew) milk DIY, followed by the wonderfully warming cinnamon milk!



1/4-1/2 cup almonds or cashews

5 cups filtered/spring water

You will also need: BLENDER, PITCHER and NUT BAG (extra fine nylon mesh bag, do NOT use cheese cloth!)

SOAK 1-2 handfuls of almonds or combo of almonds and cashews in a cup of filtered/spring water over night. Maybe 3-4 handfuls if you have little hands.

DISCARD soaking water. Place soaked nuts in blender with 4 cups fresh water. Blend on high (30-60sec depending on your blender’s power).

DRAPE nut bag over pitcher, pour nut liquid into nut bag, and twist bag like you are wring out a wet towel.

->Use nut grinds in your oatmeal or refrigerate until your next batch if cookies/pancakes!

STORE in fridge in glass jar up to 2-3 days. When in doubt (whether it is still good) pour it out. Use your senses of taste and smell in lieu of store stamped “best by” date.




8oz nut MYLK

1.5 tsp cinnamon powder

1 tbsp raw honey or real maple syrup

1/4 tsp Clove powder

Pinch of sea/Himalayan salt

WARM up nut milk on stove, stir in ingredients until well mixed, nJOY!

almond cinnamon milk


Ps. You can also add some raw cacao or carob powder….

Yums, Elli