I am not here to un-validate your life story, I am here to remind you that you are more than your story!

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8 IU* Mind Blowing Insights
8 IU Tools for Transformation
8 IU Humor & Joy
8 IU Inspiring Stories
8IU Scientific Tidbits

Relax, Read, Ponder.

Apply, Enjoy, Repeat.

*IU= International Units

We are so much more than we *think*, and infinitely more than we have been led to believe.

A book that unabashedly explores the meaning of life, and everything inbetween.

Decode the hidden meaning behind your every day events to remember who you really are. Life is not about your spouse, kids, boss, or car,  it is not about your diabetes, your mother, the economy, or your dog. Look deeper, and Know the truth.

As we shine light on our underlying beliefs, we will know our true life purpose and awaken our True Radiance.

Live your life, but be not of it!

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 Preview of Book Topics

  • Why We are, Who we Are… and How to Change That
  • Mechanics of Family Feud, Blond Jokes, ESP, Pop Culture and Type A Personalities
  • Profound Truths that Rabbits, Avocados and the Great Gatsby Teach Us
  • Intuition, guiding your internal guidance system
  • Receiving and Translating Messages from the Universe
  • Shifting Awareness to make life Magical
  • Leadership through personal Responsibility (Ho’oponopono)
  • When Your #1 Button Pushers Become your Greatest Teachers
  • Moving Mountains: Making Peace with your Mother (and MIL)
  • Living Happily Ever After: Beyond Right and Wrong
  • Awakening your True Radiance
  • The Power of Equanimity

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