“Your relationship with food is a metaphor for life, how you nurture yourself is a window to your soul.” ~ Elli

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Holistic Nutrition      Mercury Detoxification      Spiritual Life Counsel

Holistic Nutrition is:

Bioindividual (N=1).

There is not one right diet, not one right way to live, but your own.

Nourish and Heal Yourself by Combining:

  • Customized Nutritional Recommendations (whole foods, super foods)
  • Mindful and Intuitive Eating Practices
  • Identifying the Source of Chronic Diseases and Symptoms
  • Body-mind Interactions (Stress Release)
  • Work-Life Goals
  • Sports Optimization
  • Practical Culinary Skills (fermentation, raw, vegan, juicing, healthy desserts)

Sessions (phone or in-person)    $125/hr

Elli is filled with enthusiasm, inspiration, devotion, empathy, and joy. She helps me peel off limitations affecting every area in my life. I love the integrative and practical solutions we come up with, always tailored to where I am in my life with my relationships, stress, my career, my spirituality, nutrition … you name it.
I love her spiritual wings and groundedness.
She has a tremendous toolbox and uses it abundantly for great understanding. She gives me tools to find greater insight, more connectedness, inspiration and more clarity, values and joy in my life which is quite liberating. THANK YOU !
A.D., Chapel Hill, NC

Mercury Detoxification (amalgam illness):

Mercury poisoning is an un/misdiagnosed Epidemic. It is estimated that between 20-40% of the US population is chronically exposed to mercury levels higher than the EPA allows.**  Chronic mercury poisoning is slow and silent, but plays a physiological role in diseases and symptoms ranging from mental illness (anxiety/depression/dementia), autoimmune diseases, neurologic disorders (MS, ALS, dementia), cancer, developmental delays, thyroid, adrenal and liver diseases, GI disorders, and a variety of skin conditions. Why such a wide range of diseases? Mercury deactivates enzymes which drive all cellular activity. Mercury also creates excessive free radicals which destroy cellular membranes. Mercury is a neurotoxin an immune suppressor, and endocrine disruptor. While the implications are far reaching, each person presents different symptoms given their physiology, genetics and lifestyle. When heavy metal poisoning is discovered, well-meaning but untrained practitioners may suggest dated and even dangerous protocols that can exacerbate the toxicity and severity of symptoms. Through my own journey of mercury toxicity (originating primarily from dental amalgam- silver fillings, but also from  fish consumption, in-utero, vaccine and environmental exposures), and years of research using various protocols, I guide clients through assessing exposures, basic nutritional/lifestyle support, and individualized detoxification protocols based on decades of scientific research. While other metals do act synergistically with mercury, the majority of exposure and disease burden comes from mercury and is the focus for detoxification.

What to expect*

Session #1 (1-1.5 hours)

  • Personal History
  • Detailed Mercury Exposure Questionnaire
  • Suggestions for Eliminating Mercury Exposure (dental, diet, environmental, occupational)
  • Evaluating Testing Options (tests to be done with your doctor or individually)

Session #2, 3, 4 (1 hour each)

  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Support (especially if adrenal or thyroid conditions exist)
  • Opening Organs of Elimination (preparing Liver, Colon and Kidney for detoxification)

Session #5 (1hour)

  • Choosing a Personalized Detox Protocol

–> Quicksilver (Dr. Shade), Dr. Klinghardt, Dr. Cutler Session #6 and beyond (15-30 min)

  • Adjusting Protocols
  • Adjusting Nutrition/Lifestyle
  • Re-Evaluating Testing Options

Session Price (phone or in-person)  $200/hr** 

*Sessions are bio-individually designed, some people do not require 5 “base” sessions to start detox protocol.
**Special Pre-Purchase 5 sessions for $800 (or ask about referral discount)

(Does not include testing, protocol supplements, medical devices) *Depending on the individual there is a variation in how many sessions it may take to prepare a client for detoxification and to guide them through the process.

“Over 150 million Americans have mercury amalgam fillings in their teeth. The majority of them have at least eight mercury amalgam fillings, chew gum, grind or clench their teeth, snack throughout the day and drink lots of hot liquids. And every time these millions of amalgam fillings are stimulated, mercury vapor is released.” Dr. Tom McGuire DDS


Scientific article on Mercury Exposure: Medical and Public Health Issues (click here)

**The variation of exposure ranges because 20% reflects national EPA standards: 0.3 cg/m3, while 40% exposure reflects California’s EPA standards, which are 0.03 cg/m3. [article]

Spiritual Life Coaching

What if the only thing holding you back from health and happiness is the illusion of separation.

Applying ancient wisdom practices and current quantum techniques, spiritual life coaching provides practical, mind blowing, heart-centered, miracle-creating, intuitive techniques that allow us to live in this world, without being governed by it. Applicable for :

  • Disharmony in Relationships
  • Fears
  • Feeling Lost or Stuck
  • Changes and Manifestations
  • … and whatever else feels out of sync

A blend of spiritual and scientific insights including:  ho’oponopono, vipassana, matrix energetics and quantum mechanics, all of which are doors to infinite potential, love, peace and joy.

Remember your True Essence. Ho’onanea

Individual or Couples Coaching $200/hr

Hiking Sessions Available (pricing may vary depending on location)

Spiritual Life Coaching for GROUPS:

There are two things that get people’s attention:

Fear                                                 Humor

yikes              knitting noodles

Truth can be told in humor so much more easy than just by putting the facts in front of someone. ~Larry Himmel

Elli enjoys bringing transformational experiences  to your group through entertainingly powerful and interactive topics:

  • Un-Believing You- The Limitations of Identity
  • Change the Ultimate Conundrum- The Only Constant, The Only Quest
  • The Story Doesn’t Matter- Finding and Undoing Patterns of Reality
  • Ho’oponopono – Hawaiian practice of “making things right,” an Individual Approach
  • Beyond Duality; Beyond Judgment- Freedom

For Group Rate Information please contact Elli (Contact Elli for more information)

Available for Retreat Presentations


Community Classes

Time & Location (TBD) please contact Elli to receive updates on these classes

Mercury Detox 101

Mercury Detox is as Dangerous as it is Important. Identify your mercury exposures,  how to eliminate the source, how mercury can affect your body and mind, and get an overview of three safe detox protocols.


The ancient Hawaiian technique of “Setting things Right” brings Healing, Clarity, Power and Possibility to Body, Mind and Spirit.  Currently teaching classes at Circles Academy, Encinitas. Ho’oponopono is a simple tool for our crazy, Wonderful world. (read more)

The Story Doesn't Matter: How to Live in the World, But Not Be of It

Why do things happen the way they do? Decode the hidden meaning behind everyday events.

Guided Liver/Gallbladder Flush

Insights, precautions and guidance through one of the most powerful and revolutionary healing protocols, the Amazing Liver and Gallbladder flush. “This protocol is the single most important thing I have done for my body, and I have tried a lot of different diets/cleanses and detoxes”


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