We, western humans, are somewhat obsessed with multitasking

Drinking water is one thing that brings multiple benefits to you, without you having to “do more”.

That said, water, isn’t water, isn’t water. Water is much more than H -2- O.

In fact, drinking water can kill you (slowly through its toxins or contaminants, or quickly, if you are an athlete and you drink water without replenishing electrolytes).

I’m not a “no” person but here are a few no’s:

1) NO ice water

2) NO tap water – unless you are in a country that doesn’t flouridate, or have heavy pesticide, pharmaceuticals in water

3) NO water during meals–  a few sips of body temperature water to lubricate certain foods is ok, but not glasses of ice cold tap water!!!

(hint- hydrate 10 min before meal and at least 1 hour after)


Water is important beyond quenching thirst.

1) It flushes the lymph system

2) Helps elimination (poop)

3) Hydrates and detoxifies cells


1) The lymphatic system is an unsung hero of our body. Part of the circulatory system,  but twice as big as the arterial blood supply system – and maybe twice as important, according to Dr. Douillard, founder and director of LifeSpa in Boulder Colorado. “The Lymphatic System removes waste  from every cell in your body while regulating the immune system.” You’ve most likely heard of it within the realm of cancer diagnosis/cancer metastases and holistic health care practices that offer lymph drainage via massage or yoga?

In a nutshell, the lymphatic system is not only a TOXIN Flushing System, but it is also a highway for transporting white blood cells (the ones that help fight all disease).

Imagine a HUGE traffic jam on this toxin and white blood cell transporting Highway. That is what is going on in most people’s bodies these days.

Approximately 70% of your lymph system is found around the gut/intestines. Drinking purified warm water FIRST thing in the morning (you may continue to sip on it every 10 minutes throughout the day for maximum benefit) flushes your lymph system allowing white blood cells to get where they need to go, and allowing toxins, allergens and hormones to flush out of your system!

You could experience immediate relief of stuffy noses, asthma, acne, menopausal symptoms, “bad” cholesterol  and an overall improvement on your immune response. (something that may be hard to measure, but you’ll be happy for in the long run) Yeehaaa!

Please watch this brief video for a FULL protocol for your lymph system:


2) Constipation is BIG Business. Literally, probably a billion dollar business.

With 80% of the US population being effected at some point in their life, recent studies have found that discomfort accompanying constipation is associated with behavioral issues in school. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20083527

I know how crabby I can get when something in my GI system isn’t moving through.

Though western medicine teaches that there is a range of BM in healthy people from 3X per week to 3X per day…Ayurvedic Medicine (Which has been around a lot longer than our “modern” Medicine) advocates daily elimination (or two).  One of my favorite resources for this healthy poop is: http://lifespa.com/the-perfect-poop/

Simple advice, “Take your internal trash out daily.”

Don’t be a human trash compactor.

Regular bowel movements are not only relieving  in every sense of the word, but there is no question that the timely elimination of toxins benefits colon (large intestine) health, is a key factor to your overall health.


3) Another shocking statistic is that at least 75% of people walking around in the USA are dehydrated. (though I do wonder how they measured this)

There are hundreds of articles and websites dedicated to educating people on the detriments of being chronically dehydrated.  (Brain fog, headaches and moodiness to any number if not all diseases) There are many different ideas on how much to drink and how best to hydrate. From drinking only pure spring water (not from plastic bottles) to getting your hydration from juicing, to just “drinking more water”. There is no simple answer as there is great variability in our lifestyles and needs.

It is not within the scope of this article to address all of these points, therefore my simple advice is: Use the purest water you can (Spring Water, Reverse Osmosis, or Filtered) .Warm tap water not only tastes nasty, and can even “bite” the back of the throat, but contains many chemicals. Drink so that your urine is no more than a pale yellow color.

If you are an athlete, or ready to take an extra step towards remineralizing your body (especially if you use Reverse Osmosis water) consider doing a Salt Sole (pronounced so-lay) which will not only allow more water to actually enter the cells, balance electrolytes, but also help flush out toxins.

himalayan salt

Lastly, Before you drink give thanks, smile (that you are doing something wonderful for yourself and your body) and sip away!
*warm water is slightly above body temperature. I never use a thermometer, but use my tongue to “proof” that it is readily drinkable. Mix with cool water if you have over heated your water.