Overly enthusiastic on my most recent trip to the farmer’s market, I made three bunches of kale and chard for dinner last night.

Flavored in three different ways: garlic/ginger, sesame, and lemon/chive.

While we all ate heartily, my husband wearily eyed the left overs. 

“Kale brownies,?” our daughter asked, as I managed to make a delicious coffee cake from last weeks left over sweet-potato soup (flavored with bone broth). 

Nope, too much garlic, but I will repurpose this tomorrow some how, I vowed.

The result:

 Kale Omelet-Roll Ups for lunch. 

Basic steps: 

1) make too much Kale

2) beat 4 pasture raised eggs 

3) heat pan with a few drops avocado or coconut oil

4) pour the least amount of egg in, while still coating the entire pan with a thin layer of egg

5) cook with lid on, medium heat for 30 seconds- or until egg is no longer slimy on top layer

6) remove from pan, sprinkle with cheese (optional) fill with re-heated kale

7) roll up, EAT! 

NJoy, we  did!