Most people focus on what they put IN their bodies, not what comes OUT.

Is what comes OUT as important as what goes IN?

Are they equally important? Why is the equation skewed?

99% of the food and supplement industry thrives off of what you eat, drink or apply to your skin, not what is released by the body through your GI system, your  breath, skin and through your urinary tract.

Most medical professionals (even the “alternative ones”), emphasize the In, not Out, unless of of course you are a colon hydro-therapist or detox specialist.

Even most  nutritionist, and diet Gurus love introducing new exotic superfoods and herbs that will make us stronger, thinner, happier and healthier.

NEW ! Immune booster, Natural Energy, Anit-Inflammatory this and that.

WHAT IF we shifted just 10% of the energy and resources we currently allocated to stuff going IN, and invest into releasing toxins from our body.

Would this  slight shift support your body to heal, energize and boost itself?

What needs to come out?

In the last decade there has been a great rise in the toxic burden that we humans are exposed to. GMOs, pesticides/insecticides sprayed along roads, shopping centers, and parks, chemicals off gassing from pretty much everything (clothes, houses, cars,) tainted water supplies…. the list is depressing as it goes on and on and on.


In fact, I have a 5 page document for clients who have entered the “detox” phase of our coaching sessions, which outlines the most common, every-day sources of toxicity, and how to ween yourself off of them. A few suggestions off of that list:

1) Air fresheners, scented candles, and plug-in synthetic diffusers.

Alternative: Essential oil diffusers, and essential oil infused beeswax or soy candles.

2) Artificial Sweeteners, pink/blue/yellow packets, Aspartame, NutraSweet, Acesulfame potassium aka: Ace-K or E950 in Europe

Alternative: Pure Maple syrup, raw honey, coconut Nektar, dates (for baking)

3) All lotions, sunscreens and skin potions that have any chemical ingredients

Alternative: Coconut oil (not made with hexane)

coconut oil

I know we could get in some pretty heated discussions about some of the above recommendations, especially sunscreen and sweeteners, but the long and short of it is: the human body does not recognize any of the above man-made options, and their presence adds a metabolic burden, which undoubtedly has contributed to the rise of everything from rare genetic diseases, cancer, allergies, gut-related syndromes, ADHD etc etc. another long list. Even if we don’t have the scientific research that specifically incriminates any of these specific toxins, why wait until we do? Haven’t we learned anything from tobacco research and its associated deaths (connection of its deleterious effects were denied for decades) ?

Placing your research time, energy and dollars on eliminating and relieving your body of the excess burden may be much more effective than that next supplement you were planning on buying.

Yes what comes out IS just as important as what goes in. We’ve been blinded by industry interest dollars and our own inability to “see” what happens once it is inside us, it is like a black box. We don’t really know what our body does with all of the ingredients, and we may only get that feedback once we 1) have fatty liver 2) auto-immune disease 3) cancer 4) infertility 5) allergies/acne 6) brain-fog and headaches… or any number of other “things” that don’t seem to get better no matter what we do. 


Detox can be gentle or dangerous. Perhaps that is why many shy away for it.

Most people who profess to be detox specialists have acquired their training in non-standardized ways. And rightfully, because there are so many ways, none of which may be “wrong” just not “right” for you. And as far as I know, there are no medical school classes or board certified specialties in “detox”. Even though this small forgotten topic may be a corner stone of health.

Like diets, detoxing is a jungle, and i recommend you find a good guide that will help you create YOUR OWN PATH.



Unless you like being your own guinea pig (like me), I wouldn’t suggest embarking on this journey by yourself. If you understand the value of basketball coaches, music teachers and stylists , why do you think your health, and specifically detox is a DIY project?

Detox can be gentle, especially if is a part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth.

So ask yourself, what will you do on a daily basis to support what goes OUT of your body ?

hint: a 7 day green juice fast is NOT gentle and can release so many toxins at once that it may actually hurt you body.

Bring your googled ideas to your friendly holistic practitioner and embark on that JOURNEY today.

Your body will thank you.

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