A few years ago I could barely pronounce this word, as my eyeballs rolled around each subsequent “o”.

The Hawaiian language is notorious for its liberal use of vowels, and a “no-fear” attitude with respect to the number of syllables.

Consider the state Fish: Humuhumunukunukuapua’a                                                     humuhumu fish

And you thought pronouncing Latin taxonomy is difficult ?!

Back to Ho’oponopono.

This simple yet powerful ancient practice changed my life, and those of many others in ways that could be considered as miraculous.

The actual word Ho’oponopono has many translations. It is the act of:

  • making things right
  • morality
  • true condition
  • ease
  • virtuous
  • well being
  • excellence

Just to name a few.

In my direct experience with this word, I would rather say that its a way of life, like the Tao.

Ho’oponopono is living in the divine flow of life, in which all things are perfect and possible.

Isn’t this state of living and being what all of us humans long for? To live in peace, happiness and love with ourselves, our thoughts, families, communities, and the globe?

Originally ho’oponopono was a conflict resolution method conducted by a kahuna to bring peace to a family or community.

Often a multi-day endeavor in which all those directly and indirectly involved would come together to shed light on the problem. Through forgiveness and personal responsibility each person and collectively the “problem/disease/conflict” would be solved, and dissolved, erased. Never to be spoken of again!

Lots of ritual and chanting was involved. Participants were reminded of their bowl of light, which is a metaphor for the inherent goodness and divinity in all.

Though I would love to participate in this type of traditional ceremony, most of us us don’t have 2-3 hours, much less 2-3 days to sit down and solve problems with their families, which often are strewn around the globe.

That is why Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona modernized ho’oponopono to make it practical and applicable to our daily lives, without compromising its power, or efficacy.

This individual ho’oponopono is what I practice, and share with my clients, family, friends, in class/seminars and even corporate settings.

Though I will expound on the inner “workings” in a subsequent posting, the essence of it is this:

When you encounter a thought, feeling or experience in your daily activities that has any hint of tension, stress, anger, unease, fear… an experience, thought or word that is not full of unconditional love, you repeat these 4 phrases:

I am sorry

Please forgive me

I Love you

Thank You

These words are NOT directed outward toward the partner that cheated on you, the co-worker that is rallying people against you, or the warlords that are kidnapping and raping innocent children.

These words ARE directed toward your inner self. You are saying these words to yourself because you are out of the flow of unconditional love. You are experiencing the event, and having a reaction to it!

You can only release the experience/feeling/disease/discomfort when you realize that it is YOU who:

  • Reacted
  • Have Judgment
  • Fear

In this way, h’oponopono is like a big internal clearing. It is like a sponge, cleaning up the energetic mess of thoughts in your mind. All those thoughts and feelings that aren’t unconditional LOVE.

Are you curious about what kind of “miracles” ho’oponopono has cleared in my life?

For just one example, you can read an excerpt from my book HERE. Hint, its about clearing a perceived “mental disorder/disease”…. Powerful really!

Look out for more postings and stories on this topic on the i4 blog! But until then, just give those 4 phrases a try. Quietly repeating them to yourself, when things “just don’t feel right”. You can also pick one phrase and repeat is over and over until you feel something has shifted internally.

Ho’onanea, (may you live in ease, peace and joy)