The last 100 years have schlepped this plant through the mud.

Cannabis has become affiliated with unsavory characters and activities, and almost all bits and pieces of insight around this powerful plant have been “hemp-washed,” erased from existence.

Did you know that early settlers of the United States were mandated to grow hemp? An effort that was re-instated during WWI, as ropes were needed for our armed forces- read all about it in the classic 1970s  “Emperor Wears No Clothes” book.  Oh History, you are enlightening.

Fast Forward to the 1990s. Truths can only be hidden for so long before they re-emerge, often with new vigor. We are in the middle of a cannabis re-aquintance period. A time in which it’s true potential will be known again.

Of course, Elli rode the wave of cannabis misconception for many years, and only fell into re-examining the Truth behind this plant while researching alternative cancer treatments, detox mechanisms, and holistic options. Cannabis has amazing potentials for the vague set of symptoms we call brain fog, fibromyalgia, and any sort of chronic inflammation. (Interesting side note: check out what is going on with ex-NFL players, neuroinflammatory diseases and cannabis)

While “peer-reviewed-research” in the USA is still nascent, thank you Israel for your progressive medical research, the cat is out of the bag!index

As cannabis becomes legal (again) in more and more places around the world, there is much “work” to be done to remember and integrate the wisdom and applications of this plant. (medicinal, building/clothing, and spiritual)

For those whose mind is ringing the “abuse” or “addiction” bell.

Please consider this reality check: More people on earth are addicted to alcohol, sugar and now opiates, all with extraordinary mental, physical and emotional effects. Ironically cannabis is scientifically being use to reverse these addictions.

Is it possible that in some future year, research will gather enough “evidence” to endorse cannabis as a health mandate, like vaccines? 

Anything is possible.

That is the message that I experience, when enhanced, a message that resonates with many.

May all the fabricated stereotypes and derogatory slang around this “culture” shift, for example from “pot head” to cannabis connoisseur/ aficionado (because there is incredible science involved!), as we unleash the true potential of cannabis.


Elli, who has embraced enhancing life with cannabis as clearly evident all over this webpage!

(though you may never know because this new wave of cannabis use, smoothly integrates into all aspect of modern life!)


For a few new ideas of what is possible with cannabis I dare you to branch out to High Times magazine, or visit a cannabis information web page, you just may be surprised at what you find! Be that rebel, with a cause.