For People with a slew of mysterious symptoms, it is a great relief to “finally” get a diagnosis, no matter how grim or dismal its prognosis. Knowing is better than doctor hopping, pill popping and testing, testing and more testing.

The list of possible diagnosis is ever growing, with new syndromes, toxins, and genetic mutations popping up in the medical jungle, to the point that some get lumped in categories like “rare diseases” while others are part of a spectrum that includes a variety of severity. This does not even include the iatrogenic “diseases” caused by multiple-drug interactions, or medical mistakes.

A clinical diagnosis of “sluggish bile” may result in the removal of your gallbladder, but the long term affects of living without this little green organ, creates a new host of diagnosis and discomforts as a direct result of the original diagnosis.

Why does the original diagnosis not lead to a cure?

Because the origin, the source is often not part of the diagnostic process.

After your months and years of chasing down a diagnosis,

How can you be sure that a diagnosis will lead to a cure?

Keep asking : WHY?

Why is my bile slugish?

Possible Answer- your liver isn’t making enough.

Why is my liver not making enough bile?

Possible Answer- your bile ducts may be blocked.

Why are my bile ducts blocked?

Possible answer: because your liver is over taxed and creates a safety mechanism by wrapping toxins or organism in cholesterol. These cholesterol “balls” (intrahepatic stones) block the bile ducts and inhibit bile flow to your gall bladder.

Why is my liver over taxed?

Possible answer: because of stress, alcohol, prescription drugs, recreational drugs, heavy metals, pesticides, deficiencies ….

How can I relieve my liver? Many options, but start with STRESS!

It depends if your stress is emotional/mental (seek counseling), physical (due to over-working/over training of pro-athletes/post surgery recovery), financial… political ?!?

Each of these stressors may need a different type of treatment or intervention.

BUT at least you have finally found  the SOURCE, which can now lead to a real CURE.

Most medical practitioners will not tell you that the source of your Slugish Bile is stress? That could be a new disease: Financially Induced Bile Stagnation.  FIBS. Stress, and detoxification are  more “complicated” than removing the gallbladder, but you are certainly not getting to the source, and if anything creating many more problems for the body later.

 A diagnosis, does not result in a Cure, unless the Root Cause is found (and adressed).

Please note that this is a hypothetical scenario, not based on a true clinical or nutritional evaluation.

Furthermore this scenario has been over-simplified, because we all know that there are a variety of factors that go into each disease, syndrome, symptom or malady.

The next time you finally get a diagnosis, consider asking WHY,  and keep asking WHY, until you begin to understand what lies at the source.

According to this Fishbone diagram- don’t agree to lopping off the head (getting the gall bladder removed), until you know what caused the effect.