A simple explanation of terms that often get tossed around:

A Diet is what we eat.

-> A Diet is not the restriction of “bad” foods, to drop a quick 15 lbs, even though the weightloss industry would like us to believe that this is the definition of “diet”.

Nutrition is how we absorb, assimilate, metabolize, and utilize nutrients from the diet. 

Nutrition is not merely a function of the “raw” materials we put in our mouth,  but a complex holistic process which includes:

  • mental and emotional health ( which affect stress levels, metabolism and genetic expression )
  • physical movement patterns (or lack there of) aka. exercise
  • genetic predispositions
  • deficiencies/environmental exposure to toxins and EMFs
  • basic elements of homeostasis: water, sun, air, grounding, sleep
  • gratitude/blessing the food

Though we all know how to “eat”,  our ability to truly nourish ourselves has become confused by advertisements, stress, and time restrictions that all seem to cater more to our cravings (sugars, caffeine, and salty foods) which ultimately deprive our bodies not only of the essential building blocks, but compromise optimal food consumption.

Lastly, excretion, elimination and detoxification compliment to nutrition.

Without addressing these, the benefits of nutrition go out of the window!

Resetting our bodies through whole foods, mindful eating practices and gradual detoxification (like your car’s oil change) allows our bodies to heal, grow and create the energy we need to live life fully!


To your Health in 2017!