Dear Elli,

How do I know I have Candida, and how can I get rid of it?

I hear this question so often that it is time to finally write down the information that I have gathered and share it publicly !

This is another TMI (too much info) kind of a Blog post, but there comes a point in our symptoms, where TMP (too much pain) outweighs TMI.

Candida is found in up to 44% of urine samples. While we all have strains of candida in our body (it is a part of our biome- the balance between bacteria and yeasts that naturally occurs in our body), it is not supposed to show up in our urine.

How can you check if you are the host to a burgeoning population of this Yeasty organism?

Rapid Result Candida Spit Test:

1) Wake up (in the morning)

2) Rinse your mouth with water

3) Fill an extra glass of water

3) Spit at least a teaspoon size lump of mucous into the glass of water

4) Observe for 15-20 minutes (up to 30 min).

If you have a Candida infection, at least one of the following indicators will appear:

1. Strings form- like LEGS, from the floating spit.

2. Strange-looking saliva at the bottom of the glass.

3. Cloudy specks suspended in the water.

The more quickly the strings and cloudy specks are formed, the more your Candida overgrowth is. Lovely ?!


WHAT does this mean and WHAT do I do now?

Upon finding out that they have a fungal overgrowth, most people and medical practitioners immediately want to kill it.  Not so FAST, Candido Bandido!

While this test will certainly give you clear information about a possible candida over growth, the presence of candida is a proxy for a far more concerning thing: underlying, systemic toxicity.

C. albicans may look like the culprit of your yeast infection or thrush (though it has been linked to many other diseases/symptoms), but what if CANDIDA only grows out of control, when your body is inundated (flooded) with toxins that it can’t deal with?

That is right, what if C. albicans is part of your body’s way of eliminating toxic waste, that would otherwise be much more problematic than a mere yeast infection.

The body makes a pretty wise decision when it chooses Candida overgrowth,  over Toxemia.

How does this work?

Recall the little bacteria that clean up crews use to eat up the oil after an oil spill?

oil spill

The natural process, called biodegradation, happens when microbes like bacteria and fungi break down complex pollutants into simpler substances to gain energy and nutrients. In effect, the bacteria “eat” the harmful pollutants. Bacteria can even “eat up” pollutants like radioactive materials, pesticides, metals, and industrial solvents. ~

Guess what? You have pesticides, radioactive material, metals and solvents in your BODY!!

IMAGINE that an infection means that your body is overloaded with toxins/metabolic waste and is literally begging the bacteria or fungi to help clean up the internal toxic mess.

In my college Microbiology classes, pathogens were the bad guys, the bandidos, the destroyers, the origin of disease. However, I am having to rethink this and take a whole new look at our relationship with bacteria and our fungal friends.

When I first learned about the TRUE role of pathogens I was amazed, shocked and strangely thankful for this amazing built in process, that our body uses to keep us from creating a dangerous toxic load.

Now imagine what happens if we run to the doctor and ask for pills, creams and injections to get rid of the bacteria and fungus the moment an infection appears instead of supporting our body to go through this natural process?

We are ignoring and prematurely cutting off our body’s natural response to clearing out waste, further stressing our body, bringing us closer to chronic disease, and yes, even toxemia.

Let me be clear: There are times and places for Antibiotics, and Anti-fungal interventions!

But if meds are our first response, we are missing the BIGGER picture:

The real CULPRIT is our underlying and constant toxicity and excessive metabolic waste that comes with it.

There are many simple things you can do to eliminate Candidiasis:

Strictly Eliminate ALL of these for 40 days from your DIET:

sugar (even fruit/natural sugar/juice)

dairy (causes inflammatory response/contains toxins)

gluten (for same reasons as dairy)

Coffee, soda, alcohol

Many holistic practitioners even suggest going VEGAN, yup, no animal products, eggs, ice cream, bacon, nada!

The reason being: digesting animal products are very acidic and that is very harsh on your body.

Check out this Acid/Base food chart

This is where things can get tricky, and sticky as you go through sugar cravings, caffeine withdrawal, alcohol denial… and you start wondering WHAT the h*ck am I suppose to eat now? GRASS?

Look Sugar, this may be a great time to reach out to a nutritionist/health coach 😉 or ND, because there are many ways to go about gradually cleaning up your diet!

Congratulations this food shift will most likely eliminating your Candida symptoms as you have stopped adding allergens, acids and inflammatory agents that all contribute to your bodies toxic environment, but you may not have gotten to the  SOURCE!

What you really  need is a whole body detox especially the colon, kindey, gall bladder, and liver to get rid of the true SOURCE of the toxicity. This needs to be done gently, and gradually. I highly recommend that you don’t try this willy-nilly using the latest detox trend, as mobilizing the poisons can make you sicker if not eliminated properly, than keeping them locked up in your fat, bones, colon and brain. Again, please reach out to a holistic nutritionist/alternative practitioner/ND because there are different options and protocols depending on your lifestyle and level of toxicity.

After a complete clean up, keep clean with a bi-annual maintenance detox to keep your body humming, as it is inevitable that you will continue to encounter toxins in the air, water, clothes, tooth fillings, OTC drugs, or the ingredients of the next mystery food you eat at a restaurant. Not to mention the extra metabolic waste you dump daily into your blood while coping with chronic underlying stress.

You spend $40 on an oil change for your car at least 2x per year, but what are you doing to really detox your plumbing? (remember this is the basic maintenance after a total overhaul).

As you can see, its not really about the candida.

Candida just shows up the HELP your body deal with the sludge that your liver and other organs of elimination can’t handle.

Does this turn your view of pathogens upside down?

Are you ready for a true life overhaul ?

Start with your diet, and then seriously consider working with an ND, nutritionist or MD that can help you customize a detoxification protocol so that Candida, or really any other infection won’t need to visit you every other month to help “clean” you up (reinfection).

Don’t be dismayed, this process may take 1-3 years. It is the best preventative medicine I know, and will last a life time, if you keep up with the maintenance!

Though tempting at times, we can’t live in a bubble, life happens.

bubble people


Fortunately we have tools and wisdom to help our body stay humming and pluming along!



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