Enhanced Soul Experiences


  • Monday mornings 9am-11am

(to receive location information and RSVP, contact here. Currently only in San Diego, CA)

  • Enhanced experiences with elli, individually or in a small group please schedule separately.

The first time I went into the enhanced state with Elli I realized that the space already felt very normal and natural to me. It wasn’t an experience of “getting high” it was more of an experience of “coming home.” I felt my own confidence, my own power that I had been longing to have the courage to embody in my day to day life. The experience was a beautiful reminder of who I am and what I’m capable of. Surprisingly since this experience, it feels as though I’ve shifted into a new flow, into more ease and grace than I was experiencing before.” A. S. San Diego


what to expect?

nothing. there are no outcomes, other than the ones you choose to perceive and act upon.

each session is recorded. the logical mind likes to cast doubt around these enhanced experiences, the recordings serve to remind the mind to integrate the information.

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already have experience with cannabis?

veteran cannabis aficionados are always surprised at what this experience “is”. no matter how “deep” into the cannabis rabbit hole some have ventured, there is infinitely more. specific guidance may be given to those who experience paranoia or other “uncomfortable” experiences with cannabis.

*what constitutes a donation?

the value you perceive is your donation. while any form of money is accepted (including paypal/venmo/crypto currencies), there is no limit to how you choose to respond to the blessings offered: eggs, cars, islands, etc.