Enhanced Liver Health- Elli Ho (MPH, CHN)

As a nutritionist, many years of research and personal guinea-pigging have gone into creating this online, easy and safe DIY liver health protocol. The liver is the unsung hero of our body, even though it is a powerful metabolic “reset” button.


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Available after January 2018

How does cannabis play a role?

The liver is primarily a detox organ (among its other 500 functions). Cannabis has the ability to upregulate protective detox genes and down regulate genes that destroy cellular health. Cannabis can quench neuroinflammation, often a by-product of systemic toxic overload. Cannabis activates the endocannabanoid system, whose health potentials are just starting to be understood medically.

Elli suggests CBD (cannabidiol) for liver health, especially for those who wish to avoid all psychoactive effects.


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