Enhanced Business Advising:

Have you heard about the architectural firm that “took a walk” around the neighborhood while enhanced to create an award winning design? Is cannabis usable outside of the “creative” industries?

Can cannabis can play a role in business development, design and flow?


Enhanced Business Advising (EBA) answers 3 key questions:

  1. What insights can EBA offer our company?

  2. Is it possible to be “productive” while enhanced in any business sector/ any situation?

  3. How can one navigate the enhanced space efficiently and effectively to obtain practical information?

Elli Ho taps the “Zero Point Field” (the scientific term that encompasses the field of all information) to demonstrate the possibilities of accessing information for clients. Elli reveals how it is possible to move fluidly between the enhanced and non-enhanced states in a various scenarios. She facilitates meetings while enhanced, as well as serves as the “fly on the wall” to guide decision making.

Enhanced Advising May Include:

  • idea flow (way out of the box)
  • creating “common ground”
  • energetic hold-ups
  • “control versus let go” flow-dial
  • authentic communication
  • cohering group dynamics
  • enhanced decision making
  • idea tracking and synthesizing
  • some quantum mechanics, ancient wisdom and plenty of humor
  • … ( ∞ )

Customized Business Packages include individual, small and large group sessions for any project phase or aspect of business culture.

  • images (1)All Sessions are recorded

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I experienced a major shift regarding certain limiting perceptions that left me feeling light & liberated, with an extreme sense of clarity.

I became more connected with what can only be described as my true self; where doubt no longer has a home to reside in because acute intuitive discernment has taken over.

~C.H., San Diego