Figuring out Life, one Bite at a Time.

Holistic. Life Changing. Fun.


Elli Ho, MPH, CHN

epidemiologist & researcher.

certified holistic nutritionist.

spiritual life coach.

natural food chef.

author & speaker.

At home in the world, but currently living in San Diego, CA with my husband and 2 kids. Raised in Germany and California on East-West spirituality,  philosophy, meditation, and green juice.

Scientifically trained at UCSD, followed by a Masters degree in Public Health (MPH), I participated in clinical trials and academic research at UCSD’s Department of Preventative Medicine.

The birth of my kids, a complex family situation, and recognizing that I had mercury toxicity, inspired me to source the essence of health, life, and happiness.

My self-prescribed (post-graduate) training includes studies in quantum physics, psychology, personal development, holistic nutrition, emotional intelligence, spirituality, energy and vibrational medicine, running, yoga, and entrepreneurship as well as a certificate in holistic health/nutrition (CHN) from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition,NY.

Blend and stir these cumulative life experiences with equal portions of quantum-grown kale, endless curiosity and humor, and enjoy the delights served daily at


“I am, who I am, in the Eye of the Beholder”

You can likely find me under a pile of books, amidst a sea of scientific literature or typing up some midnight thoughts, but I am just as likely to be found at the beach with my family, running, playing volleyball, doing yoga or gardening. If not there, look in the kitchen, where I spend at least as much time laughing as chopping.

I am in deep gratitude for Life