elli ho:

“who am i?” 

This simple question inspired Elli through various academic degrees, hundreds of books, and a dash of colorful life events. But like the parable of the blind men describing an elephant suggests, our life experiences are limited by our attachment to certain questions, stories, and outcomes. How about just becoming the elephant?


Ironically, Elli’s elephant “aha moment” occurred while experiencing cannabis “in the name of science”. Ironically, because after decades of meditation, yoga etc., cannabis wasn’t on her radar as being a profound door to the Zero Point Field. Dropping her own constructs around enhancement via cannabis, opened vast new possibilities.

Elli is happy to contribute to the collectively shift around the stereotypical misconceptions around cannabis. After all this plant has participated in human activities for thousands of years as medicine, building material, clothing, paper, and for spiritual purposes.

While there is no one, or best way to go about life, this web page and services are for those curious about exploring life’s possibilities via the enhanced way. Elli’s offerings are soul touching, life shifting (or however you choose to perceive them). Currently for your consideration:

  • enhanced soul experiences
  • enhanced business strategy and advice
  • enhanced dinner experiences
  • enhanced liver health

It is elli’s gift to blend the enhanced and non-enhanced lifestyles effortlessly in this modern world, which is enjoyable, practical, and suitable for all aspects of life. (health, work, relationships and beyond)


PS. elli also delights in playing beach volleyball, considers herself a creative culinarian, likes quiet time in nature, traveling, music (especially Cold Play) and she enjoys laughing with her family, often at herself. To find out about the  book elli is writing please click here or visit the blog that she updates too infrequently to highlight on a main page.




to increase, intensify, and improve the quality of

The term is often used in conjunction with cannabis, as it can be a door to consciousness, enhancing life beyond what we currently *think* is possible.



For more information on any of the offerings please contact elli.